A girl looking for sugar daddy is nothing special anymore

girl looking for sugar daddy

A lot of people feel very emberassed when they admit that they have a sugar daddy. They assume people think “Why don’t they just go to work? Whats wrong with them? I could never do that!”. Sure, there are still quite a few who are thinking this but nowadays, having or searching for a sugar daddy is surely nothing special anymore. Just give it a try and make your own experiences!


Why does a girl need a sugar daddy?

Many people have a lot of questions and preconceived ideas about why someone would want to date a sugar daddy or use sugar daddy websites. It’s sometimes believed that a girl looking for some sugar daddy fun is somehow a different breed of girl to one looking for a relationship with a peer. It can be felt that they’re looking for different things. But are they? Hopefully, this article will answer some of those questions and see if a girl looking for sugar daddy dates is actually that different from a “normal” girl.

girl need sugar daddy

So, why do girls want sugar daddys? Who is this girl looking for sugar daddy experiences? What kind of girls are they and why don’t they want “normal” relationships? The reality is, there are probably as many answers to that question as there are shoes in Theresa May’s closet. Let’s take a closer look at a girl looking for sugar daddy dates and her “normal” counterpart and see if we can work out the key ingredients. What is it that makes one pop down to the pub for a night with Barry from the garage and one trawl sugar daddy websites for her very own Prince Charming. I present the very scientific Why a Girl Wants a Sugar Daddy vs Girl Looking for “Normal” Relationship Comparison Chart:

Sugar daddy Normal relationship
Get to go to nice places Can’t afford it/has to work
You don’t have to pay for anything Paying your own thing means “respect”
Looks nice for job Don’t have to look groomed for “normal” job
Travels in luxurious style EasyJet once a year
Get to be arm candy and admired Judged on stuff other than looks
Get to be treated and spoiled Paying your own way
Expensive gifts Box of chocolate

Looking at the above list, I would hazard a guess that a woman would look for a sugar daddy if she wants to be feel valued and special. Women looking for a sugar daddy obviously know what they are worth and demand to be treated in an appropriate fashion. Women, looking for “normal” relationships, on the other hand, seem to feel the need to prove themselves through jobs and by showing that they’re equal to men and can pay their way. I feel this shows an underestimation of their worth by selling themselves short. Someone looking for a sugar daddy fully understands their own worth. They’re single-minded in making sure it’s recognised and that they’re treated as a thing of immense value. For these women, a “normal” relationship would be seen as cheapening themselves. They have no need to prove anything to anyone. They know their worth and being displayed on the arm of a wealthy, older man with impeccable taste and style proves it perfectly.

girl wants sugar daddy

A sugar daddy makes a girl who knows her value feel her value. Who can argue with that? Not me!

A pretty girl gets whatever she wants

We all know there are two great driving forces in civilization. One is sex and the other is money. So, perhaps it’s no surprise that, in a world that likes to get the most out of all commodities, those two great forces should collide in the form of a wealthy man dating a beautiful woman.

And, of course, it is always likely to be a beautiful woman who attracts a sugar daddy. Just as you wouldn’t expect an ambitious female to recruit a pauper to pay her bills, you wouldn’t expect a rich man to be drawn to an ugly woman. This is regrettable but the truth is that rich men tend to be rich because they like the material things in life and it’s therefore almost inevitable that they’ll take the same materialistic view when it comes to their love life.

So, this being known, before we hit the sugar daddy websites, in search of our perfect provider, just what physical qualities does a girl looking for sugar daddy attention need?

  • Blondness
  • Slenderness
  • A serious chest
  • Nice legs
  • A narrow waist
  • Nice teeth
  • Appropriate dressing

Blondness. A hair color that comes straight from the depths of Scandinavia is almost compulsory. Why this should be, I don’t know. Speaking personally, I have a liking for women with purple hair but real-life experience tells me that exotic hair color never seems to tickle the fancy of the average millionaire.

girl gets what she wants

Slenderness. While, in days of yore, having a bit of meat on our bones was proof of good health, nowadays, any spare weight is seen as moral failure and, thus, the sugar daddy, motivated by a desire to let everyone know he can attract the best of women, is almost certainly going to be drawn to a slim woman who makes a regular effort in the gym.

A serious chest. If there’s one thing guaranteed to attract the attention of any man – rich or poor – it’s a healthy chest, preferably one that knows how to generate a serious cleavage. In fact, if you’re a girl looking for sugar daddy action, having this trait alone is probably fifty percent of the battle won. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you’ve not got it, simply put more effort into flaunting it.

Legs. Legs aren’t just useful for moving us around. They’re also good for getting on in life. A good set of pins can work wonders. But take care with heels. Some rich men like to be towered over by a statuesque partner. Others fear being made to look short. Be aware of this before acquiring footwear.

A narrow waist. According to scientists who get grants for studying women’s bodies, men judge the attractiveness of the female form by the ratio of waist to hips. So, if you’ve got a narrow waist and curvaceous hips, you’re in with a serious chance.

Teeth. Always smile. People like you when you smile and it makes you look younger.

Dress appropriately. Your sugar daddy likes people to know he’s rich and he likes people to know he can get the best of women. Therefore, don’t show up anywhere looking like you’ve just crawled out of a gutter. Look rich. If you look poor, he looks poor and he’s not giving you money to make him look poor.

Is there anything else to think of before using those sugar daddy websites? Not that I can think of. Hopefully, this guide will be of serious use to any girl looking for sugar daddy assistance, and possibly even help inform any budding sugar daddies as to what they should be looking for if they want to emit the appropriate air of affluence.

how does a girl have to look like

Finding your sugar daddy everywhere

“Where oh where do you find the perfect sweet sugar daddy?”, is the haunting cry I often hear from the lips of a girl looking for sugar daddy dates. Unlike sugar plums, sugar daddies don’t grow on trees. They’re creatures of very specific habitats and habits and you must know the right area to hunt in, not to mention what bait to use. One wrong move and you could frighten the reclusive sugar daddy away forever.

A good place to begin your search for a lovely older man to while away the hours with is on sugar daddy websites. They provide a virtual catalogue for a discerning girl looking for sugar daddy information. Not only do they offer profiles of rich professionals, they also list their haunts and what they’re looking for in a potential companion. These sugar daddy websites are the font of all knowledge for any serious girl looking for sugar daddy research. They’re a valuable resource and should not be underestimated.

find sugar daddy everywhere

As with any hunt, once you’ve narrowed down the right environment to find your prey it’s essential to make sure you have the right tools and plan to ensnare it.

Following these five basic steps should give any sugar daddy huntress a good chance of success.

  1. Do your research
  2. Prepare yourself
  3. Smell nice
  4. Sparkle
  5. Be interested


1.Do your research – check out the sugar daddy websites for where your man is likely to be hanging out and what he’ll be looking for and plan appropriately. Hangouts can be as diverse as ski slopes, polo grounds, private members clubs to premiers and race tracks. Know the dress code and conduct expected at each to put him at his ease.

2. Prepare yourself – sugar daddy bait has to be perfectly groomed. If you want to catch your man you can not, and I repeat, you can not afford untamed tresses or hairy legs. Wax and exfoliate as if your life depended on it.

3. Smell nice – a sugar daddy is a man of fine sensibilities. He wants a woman who smells delectable and looks divine. Get the scent right and he’ll be putty in your hands the second you breeze past and catch his eye.

what a girl needs

4. Sparkle – nothing shows a sugar daddy off better than a dash of reflected beauty. Your radiance will make him feel young and powerful and like a god. Flash your teeth, bat your eyes, laugh at his jokes and generally be vivacious and alive. Your sparkle puts him in the spotlight, a fantastic place to be.

5. Be interested in him and not just his bling – being found interesting is worth its weight in gold and the best form of flattery. And if you’re not interested… well… fake it. It doesn’t matter how divine and sparkly you are, if you obviously find the old man boring, you’re not going to be the babe for him.

And a final word of advice? As with any hunt, patience is a virtue, so don’t be put off if success isn’t immediate. Tweak your traps, change your bait or try a different hunting ground. Remember, you want to be seen as something sleek and exotic with maybe a hint of danger, not something sniffing around the edge of a pack waiting to grab at any old thing wandering past. Happy hunting!


Some girls have no other choice

Sugar daddy relationships are not a new phenomenon and have existed throughout history in some way or another. The advent of the internet and boom in sugar daddy websites have made it far easier for girls to find a compatible suitor, removing the complications of trying to arrange this sort of relationship by seeking out rich, older men at bars and restaurants.

Many girls who seek out this type of arrangement are students, looking to make some extra cash and have nice things bought for them when they’d normally have to budget and go without. Polls say that the number of students entering into sugar baby-sugar daddy relationships is increasing massively each year, as generally the idea of a girl looking for sugar daddy is becoming more common in society.

But it’s also perfect for young girls in general who tire of relationships and flings with boys their own age. Common complaints seem to be of selfishness, lack of maturity among other things. The difference in financial power certainly makes a difference too, with it often the case that a sugar daddy is able to bring a lot more in terms of security as well as fulfilling various material needs and wants.

What’s more, it suits young women more for the fact that it’s no strings attached. This can be music to a girl’s ears, especially if they’re enjoying life in their 20s and have no desire to commit to anything. A sugar daddy relationship gives the best of a friends-with-benefits relationship with added prize, but also allows for a deeper appreciation of each other.

An ideal arrangement is completely mutually beneficial, too, and a sugar daddy will make sure that the girl wants for nothing whether it be financial assistance, sexual gratification or just mature companionship. The dynamics aren’t always the same, for example sex isn’t always on the table, but the terms of the relationship will always be made clear on both sides meaning that it should be an enjoyable experience that works for both. The advent of sugar daddy websites makes it very easy nowadays to find a compatible match with needs and wants that are a good match with your own.

girls have no other choice

A sugar daddy works for many girls because it can be high-paying and doesn’t have the same stresses and rigours of a normal job. A girl looking for sugar daddy, or sugar daddies, can expect to see all of her financial requirements taken care of and so it’s an option many choose to take over 40 hour working weeks, especially if they’re from a poorer background and would otherwise be struggling to pay bills.

If you’re a girl looking for sugar daddy, then it’s important to know exactly what you want from the arrangement and what you want to offer in exchange. Sugar daddy websites have made things a lot easier and will do most of the work for you, with it being as easy as registering and then browsing for prospective sugar daddies. It’s never been easier to find a compatible match who will suit your needs while you fulfil their’s!

girl need a sugar daddy

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