Sugar Daddy Experience: Why I decided to date rich guys

Sugar Daddy ExperienceI am 27 years old, and I date older men. I was not entirely sure how my environment would react once they find out that I have a generous sugar daddy who covers most of my bills and rent and buys me expensive gifts, but I thought, “Hey, if I’m going on casual dates with guys that I meet online anyway, why don’t I try to get something more out of it?” And there you go, this is how I decided that I want to have my own sugar daddy experience.


Setting up a dating profile on a sugar dating website was the smallest problem really. Believe it our not, nowadays there are many attractive young women looking for a sugar daddy experience, and there are several dating service platforms for arrangements between wealthy daddies and sugar babies. Sugar dating is definitely not a niche anymore, and if you think about it, it makes perfect sense: How often do you see an older businessman together with a much younger, rather beautiful girlfriend? There’s something about successful guys that most women – me included – find hard to resist. Unsurprisingly, it did not take a lot of effort to find a rich guy who was willing to take me on a date, and eventually this let to my very own lavish sugar daddy experience.


Why I Enjoy My Sugar Daddy Experience

When my friends ask me what my sugar daddy experience is like, I usually tell them that it’s actually not much different from a normal relationship. Well, except for the small detail that my daddy absolutely loves to make me feel like a princess. I guess a part of him enjoys showing off a bit with his success and wealth, but that’s not the entire story. I do believe that he genuinely enjoys seeing my happy face, as we get along quite well on a personal level. And boy does he try to make me happy. Sometimes the whole sugar daddy experience is a bit too much for me really. I have to be careful about mentioning any wishes or dreams in his company, because chances are he will surprise me and get me exactly what I talked about on our next date. My daddy likes to spoil and pamper me, and sometimes he even invites me for the ultimate sugar daddy experience: To accompany him on a short holiday. He usually picks a nice luxury resort by the sea when he wants to get away from the stress at work for a while, and a big part of the whole sugar daddy experience is really just spending quality time together with a successful, cash rich but time poor businessman. It’s not only about the sex as you might think, although I do admit I am attracted to my sugar daddy and see him more like a friend with benefits who also happens to enjoy buying me lavish gifts and treating me. My Sugar Daddy experience was mostly positive, and I believe there’s nothing wrong with a mutually beneficial relationship between two adults as long as both have fun.

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