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sugar daddy meme

If you’re spending some time on the internet you surely know the modern phenomenon which is called “Memes”. Yeah right, those random pictures with funny captions which drive the internet world crazy because.. I don’t have a clue. So there are memes for every topic, for every occasion and since this little blog is about sugar daddies.. You’re right, there are even memes about sugar dating! Weird, isn’t it?



Memes are ruling the internet

Have you ever received a humorous email or text that contained pictures with seemingly random short phrases attached to it? Memes have become a very popular art form on the Internet today.
According to Wikipedia, a meme is “An Internet meme is an activity, concept, catchphrase, or piece of media that spreads, often as mimicry or for humorous purposes, from person to person via the Internet.”memes are ruling the internet
Suppose you want to open a thread about sugar daddies, for example, in a casual way. We can start this by posting a sugar daddy meme. Imagine a picture of Melania Trump with the phrase “When all you want is a sugar daddy…” printed at the top of the picture. What funny punchlines can you imagine? The punchline would be printed at the bottom of the picture. It might say “but you become the First Lady of the USA!”, or “but you married THIS GUY!”. A friend might reply with another image and tag on other captions, and so on.

But what do they mean? Well, it has been described as “being a form of cultural propagation, which is a way for people to transmit social memories and cultural ideas to each other”. In the case of the sugar daddy meme, it is culturally impressionable because it relates to current events involving current world leaders, and is also humorous, which makes it relevant in an entertaining way.
Meme is a word that was coined by Richard Dawkins in the book, “The Selfish Gene”. It was used to describe a unit of communicable information, or an idea. The concept of a meme is meant to be an analogy to the concept of a gene. That is, we pass ideas from one person to another. These ideas change slightly over time due to imperfect communication. The more successful that memes are, the more likely they are the ones that tend to be propagated even more. Over time, these memes evolve due to a similar kind of natural selection.
In short, memes can be about anything. Someone can post the above explanation and another might simply reply “because go fuck yourself, that’s why!” As you can probably imagine, there are a variety of colourful pictures we can use with such a phrase, as well as with our sugar daddy meme, indeed!
To YOU, the reader of this article, go ahead and respond with an image of your choosing. Slap some witty words on there and tell the Internet what you think of all of this. But, be prepared for someone else to respond to your post; What will they say about you? Or sugar daddies? Or Melania Trump? With Internet memes, hey, anything can happen! Boom. Yes, I just randomly added a “boom” there. Any questions?memes are funny


Memes for every occasion

The lion’s share of present-day memes is inscribed photographs that are planned to be interesting, regularly as an approach to freely mock human conduct. Different memes can be recordings and verbal articulations. A few memes have strong and more philosophical substance.
The universe of memes is vital for two reasons: it is an overall social marvel, and memes carry on like a mass of irresistible influenza and chilly infections, venturing out from individual to individual rapidly through social media.
You presumably comprehend what memes are, so the following inquiry in line is, the reason do as numerous such individuals utilise them around the globe consistently? They are the webs inside jokes. They pass on a sentiment commonality and importance, being a piece of something more significant. The social learning you picked up from years of staring at the TV and perusing online networking channels has now made it feasible for you to comprehend and appreciate these jokes. That is the mystery fixing that diverts memes from customary jokes to the viral items.
There are a couple of other reasons why they are one of the go-to moves for the regular web-based social networking user:what is a meme

  1. They are attractive
  2. They empower you to express complex thoughts through a straightforward idea by depending on the meme setting, inception and regular use
  3. They are likely to have viral potential
  4. Memes push you to paint imaginative contemplations in more bright hues
  5. They are anything but complicated to make and are just a lot of fun!

The essential piece of utilising memes is to comprehend the setting of the substance you are sharing and to understand how to use its full importance. The ideal approach to do as such is by investing some quality energy with your best buddy and begin putting some work into the looking over the wheel. You can peruse the most prevalent memes and look at the regular employment of every one.
The more significant part of web memes is transmitted by 20-something recent college grads. This is on account of that age gather is hyper-associated and fascinated with social media.
The average time of memes clients is expanding, however, as Generation X and Baby Boomer clients find the stimulation fun of spreading images to their spreads.

Most present-day web memes have some component of humour:
Hello Girl, an interpretation of performing artist Ryan Gosling’s potential as the ideal boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio toasting, admirably, nearly anything, Lolcats, a pet sweetheart’s creation, disclose to Me More, with comic Gene Wilder shrewdly deriding somebody’s information.
Some web memes are additionally about stun esteem and show:

  • Cash Me Outside
  • Puppies Go to Heaven
  • Irate German Kid
  • The Littlest Fireman
  • Mel Gibson and Man without a Face

A couple of web images are about more profound philosophical substance or political editorial:

what memes do exist

  • Flu Meme
  • The Great American Eclipse
  • Trick Keanu


Make your own!

Have you ever made a meme? Memes give room for creativity. If you are a sugar daddy, you need to make a creative and humorous meme. I would consider a meme as an airborne disease virus that can quickly spread from one person to another easily. With the social media, an excellent meme will spread all over the globe like a bushfire and the message you portray can have a broad or shallow meaning.make your own meme

In this case, hoping you want to be a sugar daddy, creating sugar daddy  meme can be easy. Typically, a meme can be any graphic content including a video or image. There are websites and applications that can enable you to create memes. The following steps will help you create a good meme:

  1. Do a good Research

You need to have the idea of the kind of meme that you want to create. Since you are a sugar dad, you know your targets. Make sure you check other related memes that will give more inspiration to come up with an effective meme as a sugar daddy.

  1. Check the trending issues

You need to know what is making people laugh a lot; you can have a meme that will point out on the trending sex dolls. In this case, your meme can be like a preference of young women to those dolls. In this, you will find a good topic to address.
Choose the graphical object to use as the medium, use a photo or a video for your information; short-worded memes are more selling.

  1. Create your meme content

In this step you decide what ton includes and organise your words. , you can get a hint from the examples you got online or come up with a different one. In this step keep these two factors in mind;how should a meme look like
First, it will be irrelevant if your meme is highly-worded. Who will be interested in such a meme anyway? Therefore, keep it short to make it attractive.
Secondly, let the message of the meme have a relatable meaning to the portrait used.
As much as you focus on creating that sugar daddy meme, a meme has to include the following aspects;

let your meme take a hot topic
Use a random portrait
It must relate to your intentions and brand
It should contain message addressing a current issue


Making the meme go viral depends on how good it looks; therefore you need to have created it well and then share through the social media platforms. The success of a sugar daddy meme is how well it will attract the people’s attention especially your targets.


There are even sugar daddy memes!

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a sugar daddy as an older wealthy man who looks after a younger mistress, girlfriend or boyfriend. Basically, a sugar daddy is a wealthy older man who supports and purchases gifts for a younger woman and he expects favours of a sexual nature or company in exchange.

Due to the nature of the sugar daddy arrangement, most of these relationships are kept secret. Although they have been in existence since time immemorial, some members associate them with prostitution. Most parents would do not want their daughters to indulge in them and most young people would not want their parents to engage in them as well.
Due to technological advancement, the way people communicate has also changed over the years. Most people in relationships have their own way of communicating which expresses the way they feel and promotes their union.
A sugar daddy relationship isn’t any different. In fact, communication within a sugar daddy relationship is usually more complicated due to the secrecy involved. Therefore, in today’s world, text messages and even WhatsApp messages between sugar daddies and their lovers have a lot of codes.
It’s not a hidden secret that sugar daddy meme exist and they serve a worthy purpose. Their main purpose could be to cajole and entice the sugar daddy to be more receptive to their lover’s wiles.
The sugar daddy uses them to entice his younger lover and to communicate secretly between the sugar daddy and the lover. And most importantly to communicate in an affectionate and yet loving manner within the confines of a relationship.
The sugar daddy meme should be an explicit and affectionate one. On the other hand, it could be hard and glaring especially if it’s a cryptic one. The sugar daddy memes are bright, sparkly and girl like because it is mostly centred on the young girl who uses it.sugar daddy memes
The memes can also show a face that is desperate and whining because that is the true nature of this kind of relationship. The younger lover wants cash or gifts and the older man wants sexual favours or company so they both need favours and thus where the grouchy nature.
Sugar daddy is basically a slang term that was coined from 1915 to 1920. However, the earliest known form was used in 1926. The word was formed after the word sugar and daddy were merged. It goes hand in hand with the term gold digger.
A gold digger is a person who is in a relationship or pretends to be in one for the sake of money or financial gain. Therefore, a person who is in a relationship with a sugar daddy is essentially a gold digger.

sugar daddy memes do exist

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