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sugar dating

I’m pretty sure that a lot of you stumbled upon the word “sugar dating” and had absolutely no clue what this word means. I know this feeling, I also had it for some while. I did a lot of research and the whole topic is super interesting so I decided that I want to inform those people, who are in the same position where I was, about “Sugar Dating”! You’ll be surprised how complex and also quite fascinating it is. Let’s get started!


What exactly means going on a sugar date?

Even though sugar dating is a common kind of relationship today, most people do not know what it means. This is a kind of relationship that can best be described as a mutually beneficial relationship with no strings attached. It is an upfront casual dating whereby both men and women get to express their desires of what they want in the relationship.
This kind of relationship is now very popular thanks to the sugar daddy websites. Most people are now becoming even more open to such kind of relationships.

sugar dating

A sugardaddy relationship often includes a sugar babe and a sugar daddy. Ideally, a sugar daddy is a relatively older man who is financially stable, who enjoys the company of a younger woman and is willing to share with her. A sugar baby, on the other hand, is an attractive young woman that prefers a relationship with an older man.
However, today, sugar dating is not necessarily about an older man and he does not have to be excessively wealthy as the notion goes. Being a sugar daddy involves more of the mindset. It is all about generosity, kindness, a sense of class, and being interesting and experienced.
Contrary to the popular belief where sugar babies are branded as gold diggers and women without morals, a sugar baby is actually an educated woman of class who only wants to advance in life as well as having fun and adventure. She wishes to advance in her education, get experience in life an even get more connected.

Sugar daddy relationships have become very popular today. The following are the reasons for this:
No commitments – many people fear commitments and relationships where you have to be accountable to your partner. For this reasons many will prefer sugar daddy relationships where you do not have to answer to anyone and everyone can have his or her way.
Honesty and transparency – in sugaring, the involved parties become open to each other from the word go. This is unlike the normal relationships whereby people fear to express their needs.
The perks – imagine the perks and gifts that sugar daddies give their sugar babes. The financial support, the vacations to exotic destinations and even helping them get into the corporate world. All this has made sugar dating quite popular. In the end, everyone is happy as the sugar as both have their needs met.

Sugar dating is basically all about enjoyment and having fun. The sugar babe will get all her financial needs met as she gives the man companionship and anything else agreed upon. It is a win-win kind of relationship. The sugar baby accompanies the man to weekend getaways and holidays. Everything that they do is agreed upon mutually. You can get into sugar relationships by hooking up on sugar daddy websites. You can also do it by making acquaintances with friends who know people.


Sugar dating isn’t free.. for men.

Many men, when they first become interested in sugar dating, are concerned about the same thing. Before they start to search on sugar daddy websites they ask themselves: “How much cold, hard cash is this going to cost me?”

sugar dating

In sugar dating, the man pays for dates such as visits to high-end restaurants, trendy nightclubs, or tickets to rock or pop concerts, and also buys gifts that he knows will please his date, such as designer clothing, luxury perfume, or fashionable jewelry. While we all know that woman in the majority of relationships look forward to being taken to classy joints and being given lavish gifts by their date, in sugar dating the man’s acts of generosity can often be much more formalized. The benefit is the man knows what the woman really wants (without being expected to be a mind-reader) and exactly what is expected of him.

How much does sugar dating costs a daddy? That’s like asking how long a piece of string is! It depends on the preferences of his date. Some woman want high-class hotels and exotic trips abroad, while others may prefer a cozier, more down-to-earth dating experience or some pocket money to spend as they wish. On the other hand, men may want simple companionship, someone to take to events, old-fashioned romance, or a more sexual relationship. Sugar dating varies as much as any other kind of dating, the difference is that both the women and the sugar daddy are much more open and upfront about their expectations even before the relationship actually begins. Women and men can meet with a shared understanding of what each one wants from the relationship with the other. This candor and honesty right from the beginning of the first date avoids misunderstandings and lets relationships flourish without the game-playing you often see in a dating situation.

There’s no easy answer to the question “How much will being a sugar daddy cost me“, it varied depending on the needs of your date, and on the size of your budget. Dating always costs money, and being a sugar daddy is no different, except in that the financial cost is discussed openly. Once you have found a date online you can find out what she expects, and budget accordingly.

In sugar dating it is the man who pays most of the time (it is true that sugar mommies do exist but they are few and far between.) This is because most of the time sugar dating involves a rich and powerful man who wishes to date a beautiful woman. The woman is attracted to the man’s power and status, the man is attracted to the woman’s beauty. It’s an age-old story, brought up to date and into the modern world by sugar daddy websites.

sugar dating

The internet is a beautiful place to find a sugar date!

Does any newbie sugar baby who has set her heart on sugar dating really need to ask? There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of websites out there to suit all persuasions that are devoted to locating that ideal sugar daddy. Simply typing in the term “sugar dating” into the search box will turn up enough websites to fill an extra large sugar bowl. Long established sugar dating websites that have been around for more than a decade appear more credible, trustworthy and sophisticated, with a well trodden path to finding the ultimate super wealthy sugar daddy. Just follow these steps and you’ll find your sugardaddy in a second:

  1. Sign up on a website of your choice
  2. Upload a pretty picture of you
  3. Edit your profile text
  4. Wait until the sugardaddys contact you
  5. Enjoy!

Sugar dating relies heavily on visual sensationalism. A quick peek into Instagram will confirm that there is already a very long queue of prospective sugar babies on there in a variety of revealingly luscious poses. Post your own imaginative snap and you might get lucky. Facebook follows the same format with photographs suggestively aimed at what sugar babies assume will send that elusive sugar daddy mad with lust. Snapchat is perfect for uploading the most risqué material to your sugar daddy target, as it self destructs within a specified time limit to spare your blushes. If you are a bit more coy, or you feel you can’t compete looks wise, try a sugar dating Chat Room. Here you can stay fixed to your keyboard and flirt to your heart’s content with that equally shy and reserved sugar daddy until he’s warmed up enough to ask you out. One word of caution, don’t get conned into using the web cam. For the busy sugar babies who haven’t got a minute to breathe, What’s App and sugar dating forums are messaging services where little sugary notes can be left pinned up for any desperate, but bleary eyed sugar daddy who happens to be passing.

sugar dating

They have become increasingly popular as many see them as a fast route to paying off debts and living a luxury lifestyle. As with many sugary fairy tales of rags to riches the easy way, there is always another side of the coin. Can there really be so many filthy rich men out there who are eager to splash their cash, wasting valuable time searching through zillions of sugar dating profilessugar dating profiles? Some sites are popular because they are a place to have some fun or a bit of naughty chatter. Inevitably, any dating platform will have been infiltrated by that stealthiest of creatures, the online catfish. With fake profiles all over the place and the sweetest of chat up lines, this catfish in sugar daddy clothing is out to deceive, lying in wait for a gullible sugar baby who is dazzled by the temptation of money. Successful sugar dating online needs a clear head to sift the good sugar grains from the bad.


You want to read about some experiences?

Before trying out sugar dating it is absolutely essential reading some reviews from other sugarbabes. You need some information before so your sugar date will be successful. I asked a good old friend of mine about her experiences and she sent me her review about her relationship:

“When I was first told by my parents about the benefits of sugar dating I must admit I had my doubts. How could I be sure I’d find someone as loving, caring and pragmatic with their money as they had done? Still, mother reassured me that it was essentially about trial and error, no one’s expected to settle down on their first try. And so, with baited breath, I decided to grab the opportunity with both hands.
I’m so relieved I did. I wouldn’t have met Gregory otherwise; the kindest gentleman one could ever hope to randomly receive a quick invite from online for a quiet dinner date in the local sports bar. Sugar daddy websites often get a bad rep but I found one that lets anyone regardless of their background, intentions or general lifestyle send messages to each other. It doesn’t discriminate.
Neither did Gregory. We had no problem being fully open with each other about our intentions, mine to fleece him of all his money and his to take me out to locations like the one in which we now sitting over our sixth shot, allowing him to relive his lost youth. I felt we had such a connection. Few couples find it so easy being this open and honest with their other half.

sugar dating

Gregory no longer had any family around to take care of him. He had that sad, dark, lonely look that can be so attractive in older men. I was besotted by the idea of spending his money each week while caring for him part-time. He assured me he didn’t need much. The most important thing was that we spend time together in bars where others could see him with an attractive girl. But there were a lot of different places he brought me to:

  • A beautiful Italian restaurant
  • The highest skybar in the city
  • Hawaii
  • A trip with his private jet
  • And so many unbelievable places more

It was kind of flattering, actually. Gregory could be so charming.
If I had known previously that sugar dating could provide such meaningful relationships as this – I suppose, observing my parents, themselves the result of successful sugar dating, I should have – I’d never have had such doubts beforehand. But hindsight is a fine thing. In hindsight, I perhaps should have known too that my relationship with Gregory wasn’t going to last.
He was a man nearing 90 years old with heart problems, who liked to drink every day. I should have saw it coming. But still, I was devastated when Gregory passed. Then I remembered what mother said; no one’s expected to settle down on their first try. Relieved that I hadn’t yet failed to find true happiness, I took my inheritance from Gregory, using it to fight through my grief, and got back to the exciting lifestyle of sugar dating.

Meanwhile, my family and friends commented on what a change they’d seen in my life since I started this new hobby. Mother and father were happy that I was following in their footsteps to find meaning and relevance in life, though others weren’t so eager to encourage me. My brother tried to introduce me to one of his friends, a tall, handsome, well-built, successful college football player with a scholarship to one of the big US universities. But I wanted someone with a proper career behind them.
Having tried a couple of respected websites, I was curious as to whether sugar daddy anonymous meetings could also yield fruitful relationships. Basically, how these work is; you go along and sit around in a group, the sugar daddy’s on one side and the eager young dreamers on the other. I’ve had a couple of dates come from these, but nothing solid or long-lasting as of yet.

Overall, I’d recommend both the sugar daddy websites (useful if you’re a little shy) and the anonymous meetings, usually held in some abandoned hall in a dodgy part of town. I can assuredly say sugar dating is a wonderful experience that will impact your life. If it provides you with even half the fun of my relationship with Gregory, you’ll never regret it.”

sugar dating

Fact: Sex is an important part of sugar dating

Let us understand these two words figuratively again. Sugar elicits a feeling that is supposed to please people involved, for a period with a specific goal. Dating is a symbiotic commitment; getting social pleasure from a person who derives material reward. When, and if, the utility from this “arrangement” is exhausted, the arrangement turns “Salt Dating,” just like using public transport to get away from something or someone, without considering where you are going to, but have to pay for it.

This “arrangement” is done mostly on sugar daddy websites and priorities sex as the bargaining tool. Sex is so important to the extent that nothing fits in its stead. This statement can be well understood using the following reasons.
Keeps the relevance – there is no sugar dating without sex. Sex keeps all the cards on the table; a house can be built, a car bought, promotion approved or a secret kept.
Assurance for loyalty – mistrust may develop when either party denies sex to the other. The main reason to show there is no one else is by agreeing unconditionally to sex.
The only thing that matters – there might be abuses, insults, snubbing or any other love issues, but as long as there is sex, nothing else matters. Sex might be the only reason he might buy you that nice handbag, that diamond earring or the expensive trip to the Maldives for a holiday.
Bait for commitment – if the lady is “fully handled” both financially and sexually, she has no reason to look elsewhere for her needs. In a woman’s world, if her skin and heart are sorted, then she is sorted. But in a man’s world, if his ego is massaged, whether or not the world crumbles, all of you can go and drown.

sugar dating

But is there a difference between sugar dating and prostitution?
Nothing is as serious as a business arrangement. In this case, I want to compare these two ideologies, with a business connotation. In sugar dating, there is a form of moderated commitment as opposed to prostitution, what we call long-term transaction versus one-time transaction.
Sugar dating gives room for knowing each other and the benefits of the “arrangement” while prostitution has little cognizance. In business, this is a long-term contract and a one-time transaction, respectively.
The reward for sugar dating might not be immediate as compared to prostitution; savings and current account, but when feelings are involved, which might be the case in sugar dating, seasons are created, as compared to non-attachment, expressed by prostitution, then reason is generated. In banking, this can be compared to mortgage and a soft loan.

This comparison might be hilarious, but it helps solve a range of emotional and social problems in the contemporary world. Sex makes the world complete, irrespective of the occasion. The next time you think of bashing a woman for having an “older Boyfriend,” stop to think how many problems he might solve for her.

Here are the differences between prostitution and sugar dating, just to be clear:

Sugar dating Prostitution
Sugar dating brings a relationship There’s a business between men & women
Being a sugarbabe is a way of life Being a prostitution is a job
Men are potential long term partners Men are customers

sugar dating

I hope this article answered some questions about the topic sugar dating. Everyone should have an own opinion about this and it’s ok when someone doesn’t like this kind of relationship. But some do and that should be tolerated by everyone. Make your own experiences!

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