The species millionaire sugar daddy

millionaire sugar daddy

Sugardaddy. Everyone did hear this word at some point but only a few know who exactly this is. Is he a myth? A superhero? Is he just part of a utopic kind of relationship? No. A sugardaddy is a human like you and I am. You have to understand what person he is to start a relationship with one.


Who are those people?

We’ve all heard about sugar daddies but who are these elusive rich men, what are they typically like, and where are they to be found? Let’s have a look at them in more detail and see if we can find out what makes them tick.

millionaire sugar daddy

Most people know exactly what the term ‘sugar daddy’ stands for, but don’t realise it’s been around for quite some time and dates back to 1908, when Adolph Spreckels, heir to a sugar fortune, married a woman 24 years his junior! His wife Alma referred to her husband as her ‘sugar daddy’ and it kind of stuck!
Therefore, a millionaire sugar daddy is typically an older man lavishing cash, gifts and luxury experiences on much younger women. However, where you have a daddy you obviously need a baby, or more precisely a ‘sugar baby’, as these younger women are now named.
So, these older men are most typically driven, successful people who know exactly what they want and can be single, married or partnered men in some cases.
In terms of where they get their wealth, this can be inherited, like our friend Adolph Spreckels featured above, or it could have been made in internet businesses, finance, or real estate, for example.

So, where do these rich guys hang out? For a start, the internet has spawned a whole host of sugar daddy websites, for millionaire sugar daddies of all ages looking for sugar babies and vice versa. This means less legwork for sugar babies, but means a lot more online competition in order to attract their attention!
For more traditional methods of meeting a millionaire sugar daddy, obvious haunts include top bars, restaurants and clubs in most affluent city areas frequented by the rich set. But some sugar daddies don’t want to flaunt their wealth and keep it low key. They may have certain hobbies such as golf, or sailing, or have strong charitable interests and could be key sponsors at big, glitzy, charity balls.
When not in the city, a millionaire sugar daddy may live out in bordering counties. For instance, high concentrations of millionaires have homes in the surrounding counties of London, such as Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and Devon.
The playgrounds of the rich are key places where you may bump into a millionaire sugar daddy. Monaco, Dubai, Vegas and St. Tropez immediately spring to mind as areas where lots of money is regularly spent on yachts, casinos and living it large.

millionaire sugar daddy

Just as there are different types of people in all walks of life, this also applies to the world of the sugar daddy. They are typically older men, but could be younger. They may flaunt their wealth ostentatiously or keep it low key. They may live it up, or quietly play golf and sail their luxury yachts off into the sunset.
To sum up, let’s not forget that sugar daddies are real people too!

millionaire sugar daddy

Those millionaires truly don’t have normal jobs!

In theory, at least, it’s possible for anyone to become rich regardless of occupation. The same applies to sugardaddys. These are rich people who are looking for young sugar babies either for sex, companionship or both. These people have accumulated enough money that enables them to live a lavish lifestyle that we all dream of. Some careers lend you a better opportunity to becoming filthy rich than others. But have you ever thought of the kind of jobs that sugardaddys have? Jobs that enables them to travel to different parts of the world and sponsor sugar babies at the same time? Here is an example of the kind of jobs that sugar daddies have:

  • Lawyers
  • Engineers
  • Medical doctors and surgeons
  • Accountants and auditors
  • Investment banker
  • Real estate broker or agent
  • Insurance broker and agent

And to get a little more insight how rich they could be, here’s a little overview about their average annual earnings:

Job Salary
Lawyer 130.000€
Engineer 85.000€
Medical doctor 190.000€
Banker 120.000€


However, not all sugardaddys work in these careers. There are others who have their own sources of wealth and they are very rich. There are some that are business owners and some that have been outstanding performers in saving and investing. In short, millionaire sugar daddy has many sources of wealth.

millionaire sugar daddy

In case you are wondering how millionaire sugar daddy manages to do their jobs and go for vacations from time to time, you need to understand that most of these people are managers and senior officers at their work. Most of them actually delegate duties to junior employees and their work is basically to oversee. For instance, sugar daddy’s engineers own companies with over 100 employees so their work is to sign contracts and the rest is left to the employees. These people have acquired so much money over time and they have reached a point where money is working for them. Some of the millionaire sugar daddy are managers in big companies where they earn a lot of money. These rich people love their jobs one of the reasons why they become rich quicker. Their positions allow them to visit expensive and beautiful places with the sugar babies. When they travel for business meetings around the world, they carry along sugar babies to spice up the journey. The bottom line is, most sugar daddies have worked for a long time to reach where they are now. Most of them are bosses in their respective workstations so they can come and go out how they like. When you look at different sugar daddy websites, you will see that in their profiles, most sugar daddies hold very big positions in both the government and private sectors.

But from what conditions do sugardaddys come from?
Sugar daddies come from different backgrounds. Some of them come, rich families, while others have risen from poor backgrounds to become influential people in the society. However, most of these people tend to come from poor backgrounds. For example, there is one millionaire sugar daddy dating my friend that I know his story. This guy has was born in a very poor family. His parents died when he was nine years and he was taken up by a charity organization that offered to pay for his education up to university level. After successfully completing his studies, he got a job with a reputable company that paid him very well. Now at 45 years old, he is a millionaire sugar daddy and from the look of things, he has had several sugar babies before.

millionaire sugar daddy

Sugardaddy = rich man?

Have you ever visited sugar daddy websites and observed that there are no poor sugar daddies? Well, have you looked around your neighbourhood and seen any poor sugar daddy? I bet not! Sugar daddies are rich men who seem to have put their life together. A millionaire sugar daddy will have big businesses, mansions, educated children and a happy family, or so it seems. These men seek to spend time with young ladies for a return of favours.
A millionaire sugar daddy is most of the times occupied in running his business from one nation to another. During these visits, he needs a young lady who will compliment his looks for various benefits, most of the times, financial favours. As much as a millionaire sugar daddy is spending a lot of money on women, he always plays his cards right and will never go broke.
One of the main reasons why sugar daddies go for young girls is because they do not like commitments. A millionaire sugar daddy has invested so much in his family and is not about to start another. Sugar daddies are wary of who they love, and they will never share their success stories. They do not trust any woman, not even their wives! They always keep small circles of friends, mostly business partners, as they know success comes with fake friends.
Having a lady for companionship with no strings attached needs a man who is rich; after all, you don’t hunt what you can’t kill. As it seems, one of the qualifications of being a sugar daddy is to have a lot of money which you can share with your sugar baby and never go broke. Sugar daddies, despite being with young women, always make sure that they do not let love get in their way of doing business. Many people would like to imagine that a sugar daddy has the most time on his hands to spend with young ladies somewhere in the Bahamas. The truth is that sugar daddies are always making business deals and striking large tenders while on a beach somewhere having fun with his young woman.
Sugar daddies stay rich since they always need to be in control and never being commanded on what to do. Having a legally wedded wife is more likely to limit the lengths of business deals which the couple can do while together. However, with a sugar daddy, the man has the full freedom and authority to do business with whoever he likes without any explanation. In some of the businesses conducted by the rich sugar daddies, a sugar baby is used merely for appearance which is in contrast with their wives who, as much as they need sugar babies to be around, they still care about their families and will do everything possible to protect them.

Another reason why sugar daddies are always rich is due to the influence of their friends. Many friends have the same behaviours, and as such, they are in a position to share ideas amongst themselves since there is an aspect of trust. These sugar daddies will always be there for each other and will go to any height to ensure that any friend in financial trouble is bailed out either through lending him money or sharing business ideas which can help him regain his financial status.

millionaire sugar daddy

Money alone doesn’t make you happy

There are times in life when you may find yourself browsing sugar daddy websites and trying to figure out the mindset of a millionaire sugar daddy. If you can relate to those thoughts and want to learn more, read on for some insight to get answers to the questions:

  1. Why do old men want young women?
  2. Why are they lonely?
  3. Why don’t they have “normal” relationships?


There are many reasons why a millionaire might be looking for a sugar babe, and not all of them are entirely obvious! You might assume it’s all about sex, but keep in mind there are professionals out there catering to the “just want sex” demographic.
When you’re dealing with a millionaire sugar daddy, you should not you’re dealing with a super-human type of person. Usually, you’ll be looking at wealthy middle-aged men who seemingly have it all except the affectionate seasoning that can only come from a pretty young lady.

The typical pattern for a millionaire sugar daddy is being unable to find someone who can genuinely listen to them and provide them with emotional support. These are folks which are often rich and powerful but lack real affection in their lives and crave for true understanding, even when they have long running marriages behind them.
No surprises there really, as we all know how modern marriages are often little more than an institution – even more so when the people involved have sizeable fortunes behind them and family values to uphold. It’s this sense of emotional loneliness that drives hordes of rich men towards sugar daddy websites, where beautiful and inviting young women are waiting for them.

Being a millionaire sugar daddy might seem like an exciting position to be in, but you can never truly understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. When you’re extremely rich, people will easily flock around you out of interest. While this may seem trivial to someone looking from the outside… just think about how lonely it must get!
To always be surrounded by people who want something from you, and never having a true feeling of human companionship… how sad! Fortunately, there are websites bridging the gap between the loveless millionaire sugar daddy and the pretty woman with lots of affection to spare.

Did you notice that sugardaddys mostly prefer young women? When a woman ages and becomes the head of a household, she’ll grow in power and seriousness… but usually at the cost of losing a certain charm and playfulness that can only come from a woman in her twenties or early thirties.
This is the main reason why the typical millionaire sugar daddy will favour young women who look very cute and have a caring demeanour. Maybe they’re looking to rekindle their own lost youth, or maybe they just love watching pretty girls and being heard by them. Whatever the case may be, truth is that pretty young women are often very welcome at sugar daddy websites.

millionaire sugar daddy

Things you can expect from your own sugardaddy

Have you ever wondered exactly what a Sugardaddy is offering his Sugarbabe in this modern world? Look no further. Here, I’ve tracked down a real life, modern millionaire sugar daddy and asked him some very important (and personal) questions.

Firstly, I asked what every aspiring Sugarbabe wants to know and was able to extract some key points from this millionaire sugar daddy about exactly how much he is willing to spend to please his Sugarbabe. This particular sugar daddy works hard, very hard. With that, he has little time on his hands and so when he does have some spare time, he likes to treat his Sugarbabe. He has been known to fly his Babe out to his work location, including Las Vegas and New York and, once there, he will take her out for extravagant meals and spend the nights in luxurious hotels. This, however, is the extreme. Not all Sugardaddies are as generous. You may have to settle for jewellery, a new phone or just that meal out. If you, as a Sugarbabe, have expectations on what you wish to get out of the arrangement then make sure you shop around on sugar daddy websites to find the Sugardaddy most suited to your needs.

millionaire sugar daddy

It is not, however, all about the gifts, as great as they can be. Some Sugarddaddies may just enjoy spending time with their Sugarbabe, just as a real couple without an agenda would also enjoy spending time together. Our millionaire sugar daddy freely admits that, as much as he enjoys ravishing his Babe with gifts, the reason he does this is to spend time with a woman. Time that is precious to him. He wants to make it special. So you may not go out for that fancy meal or spend the night in that luxiourious hotel. It may well be that you spend time together enjoying a variety of activities. Trips to the theatre, days out in the countryside; who knows where you may go.

Whether you have a millionaire sugar daddy or otherwise, if you are agreeing to spend time with these men in return for gifts, money or an experience, there may be certain things expected from you. Exactly what you have to do though, is a grey area and Sugardaddy dependent. A reputable sugar daddy website should allow a Sugarbabe to meet a Sugardaddy with the only expectation being from the Babe that she is good company and will ‘date’ the Sugardaddy. Unofficially, there are some ‘rules’ in the Sugarbabe world. Be confident, look hot and be fun. Oh, and don’t be demanding and definitely do not expect too much from the arrangement. It is not a bonafide relationship. Do not get emotional if he doesn’t call. Importantly, before you enter any arrangement, set and maintain your expectations on both sides. Allow the Sugardaddy to explain what he wants out of the deal (this may be company only, it may be the illusion of a serious relationship at his office dinner or, well, it may be more) and lay down your ground rules too. Then stick to them.

If you and your Sugardaddy are both clear on what the other person is expecting out of the arrangement, you Sugardaddy/Sugarbabe experience is likely to be win/win. Go get him!

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